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​​Why would I need it?

The majority of people will need a form of long term care coverage as they age. Long term care coverage is available for purchase to support you if you become unable to perform by yourself the basic tasks of everyday living. These tasks include going to the bathroom, dressing yourself, feeding yourself, transporting yourself from place to place, continence, and bathing,. If you are unable to perform these needs you will need long term care services or support to help you.

How does it work?

Long Term care insurance will help cover the costs of different support services and care providers in the location that is best for the client, whether this be a facility or their own home. Long Term care insurance will help cover these costs once a need has been established for long term care. The coverage can fund in-home care and can be used to make necessary modifications such as wheelchair ramps.

Your coverage will also go toward the cost of an assisted living facility or nurssing home should you require one. Whether it be at home or a facility you choose the coverage amoung that is right for you and apply that coverage amount to the care you need. Each situation is different and needs change over time which is why we provide policies for a variety of settings.